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The Facts



The Results

The Defendant was a tenant living in an apartment rented by a female landlord. Numerous complaints were made by both the tenant regarding the living conditions of the home as well as the landlord regarding the upkeep of the premesis. After multiple confrontations with the landlord’s boyfriend, a meeting was set up to review contract work at the apartment. The landlord and the Defendant had scheduled a time for the premises to be inspected. During the inspection, the Defendant was accused of picking up a notebook and hitting the landlord’s boyfriend on the hand which caused a cut to his finger and destroyed his camera. The officer who arrived wrote a report detailing the incident and indicated that the Defendant admitted to hitting the landlord’s boyfriend with a rolled up newspaper. However, the Firm was hired to handle the case and brought out numerous problems to the State Attorneys Office. The State of Florida wanted the Defendant to pay $200.00 for a dismissal of the charges. The Defendant declined that offer due to her innocence. The Firm pointed out to the State that the officer had written a second report where he told a different story regarding this being an accident. In addition, this boyfriend was not acting as an agent of the landlord and had no right to be in the Defendant’s home. The State reviewed the case after the Firm was hired and dismissed all criminal charges against the Defendant.