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21-009XXXMU10A – DUI Charge Reduced

The Facts

Case #: 21-009XXXMU10A – DUI Charge Reduced


The Results

Our client was pulled over after leaving the hospital where he had sought treatment for a bad reaction to a prescription medication. During the DUI investigation, our client advised officers that he had just left the hospital and explained that he was feeling tired and "off" from the prescription medication. Despite our client's statements, he performed well on field sobriety exercises. Unfortunately, performing well on field sobriety exercises is often not enough to avoid being arrested for DUI and our client was taken into custody. The attorney for the Ticket Clinic set the case for trial and explained to the State Attorney's Office that they cannot prove DUI for prescription medication if the medication is not a controlled substance. On the morning of trial, the State agreed and offered to change the charge to Reckless Driving and withheld adjudication, which will allow our client to seal and expunge this case from his criminal record.