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21-7xxxxxxx – DUI Charge Reduced

The Facts

Case #: 21-7xxxxxxx – DUI Charge Reduced


The Results

Our client was charged with DUI. When Stopped for speeding the officer observed our client to have glassy eyes, slurred speech and smelled the odor of alcohol on his breath. Our client performed Field Sobriety Exercises and was ultimately arrested. He gave a breath sample with an alcohol content of .06 and gave a urine sample. The urine sample was tested and contained no illegal substances. Our attorneys prepared for trial and a motion to suppress evidence. We also provided the State with mitigation in our clients Military Service ultimately resulting in him being a Disabled Veteran. Due to our negotiations and compelling mitigation, the State amended the DUI charge to Careless Driving, a non-criminal civil infraction and the Judge witheld adjudication.