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21-CT-011xxx – DUI charge reduced

The Facts

Case #: 21-CT-011xxx – DUI charge reduced


The Results

Our client was charged with DUI with Property Damage and Driving While License Suspended. He was driving on a suspended license while designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender and could have been charged with a felony. Our client was followed for over a mile driving on the rim of his car, and the officer observed him hit a car backing into a parking lot.Our client was arrested and  gave a breath sample of  .137 and .140.

The video of the incident showed at least  four officers officers being very aggressive with our client, enough so that our attorneys  believed there was a Defacto Arrest without any reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe a crime was commited. The officers also failed to read  our client his Miranda Rights.

Our attorneys began  negotiating and preparing Motions to Suppress. Through our negotiations the prosecutor amended the DUI to Reckless Driving and only asked for only court costs on the Driving while license suspended, so our client is able to get a license with no further delay.