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21-XXXXXX10A – Reckless Driving Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: 21-XXXXXX10A – Reckless Driving Dismissed


The Results

Our client was involved in a one car accident after he lost control of his vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and went off the road, crashing into a sign for a residential neighborhood as well as a large tree approximately 100 feet down the road. Officers suspected that he was impaired by alcohol, but no DUI investigation was performed and our client was later arrested for Reckless Driving. At trial, the state attempted to bring in evidence of our client's alleged impairment to prove that he demonstrated a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others by driving while impaired. However, the Ticket Clinic attorney objected and was able to keep this testimony out by arguing that it was evidence of an uncharged crime. Our attorney also kept out any evidence of his driving pattern before the accident because the state's civilian witness was unavailable for trial and the officer did not personally observe the accident. Because of our attorney's efforts, the State failed to establish a factual basis for the case against our client and the Judge dismissed all charges against him.