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The Facts

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The Results

A police officer stopped the client for numerous moving violations. Upon police questioning, the client admitted to consuming three drinks and the officer reported the client had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol. The officer conducted field sobriety exercises on the client and reported the performance was poor and indicated substantial impairment by alcohol. After hiring The Ticket Clinic, the attorney discovered the client suffered a past traumatic brain injury in 2009. The attorney theorized the field sobriety exercises were unreliable to this client because of his particular injury. The attorney had the client evaluated by a neurologist who prepared a report confirming the attorney’s beliefs. Despite the fact the client had a previous conviction for DUI, armed with the neurologist’s report, the attorney was able to persuade the prosecutor to resolve the case favorably for the client with an amended charge of reckless driving. Additionally the attorney persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss all six companion civil citations saving the client nearly $1000.