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The Facts

Case #: 2************3


The Results

Law Enforcement found the client asleep in the driver seat of their car with the keys ignition. After observing that the client showed signs of impairment by alcohol, law enforcement proceeded to investigate the client for a DUI. After performing badly on field sobriety exercises the client was arrested and submitted to a breath alcohol test, resulting in two samples of .290 and .297. The Ticket Clinic Attorneys took the case to trial and asserted a defense that the vehicle was not operable by introducing evidence that the vehicle had to be towed from the police impound, testimony from the client’s friend an amateur mechanic who inspected the car, and the client’s own testimony that the vehicle had broken down the day before and that he was drinking and waiting for a tow truck. The State failed to provide any evidence that the vehicle was working as it was never tested or inspected by law enforcement. The Jury agreed with The Ticket Clinic Attorneys that the State failed to prove their case and issued a verdict of NOT GUILTY.