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The Facts

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The Results

The police were called to a residence regarding a domestic dispute where KE resided with his mother and step-father. KE was accused of striking his step-father in the face with a closed fist and breaking a ceramic coffee cup over his step-father's head. The alleged actions resulted from an argument between KE and the step-father over comments that KE made to his mother. KE has prior arrests for domestic violence. The incident did not present any independent witnesses as KE and the step-father were the only two individuals present at the time. KE was arrested and released to pre-trial services with a no contact order for the step-father. KE retained our services at this point and after a consultation, we decided to set the case ready for trial and, after learning of the intentions of his step-father to not testify, have the step-father indicate his lack of willingness to prosecute and also filed a motion to modify the no contact provision on 9-20-17. Our office contacted the Assistant State Attorney assigned to the case and indicated the weaknesses of their case. Unfortunately, 2 days later, on 9-22-17, KE did not heed our warnings to stay away from the step-father and was arrested on a violation of domestic violence injunction and held no bond. Upon learning of KE arrest, we contacted the assigned Assistant State Attorney who, after a recitation of the above-mentioned facts, promptly agreed to no info the domestic violence battery and drop the violation of injuction, thereby leading to KE release from custody on 9-22-17, free of any charges.