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The Facts



The Results

The Defendant was driving in Ocala, FL. where he made a U-Turn on a solid green light. The Defendant made the U-turn into the oncoming path of a car, a truck, and a police officer. The truck had to come to a complete stop and the car and police officer had to break heavily to avoid a collision with the Defendant's vehicle. The car slowed and missed the defendant's vehicle by less than 5 feet. The Defendant was stopped by the officer and seemed slow in comprehending the reason for the stop. He admitted that he had been drinking and had trouble following directions during an initial nystagmus task. A DUI officer arrived and asked the Defendant out of the car. The Defendant had to use the car for support when getting out. During the one-leg stand, the defendant used his arms to balance himself and swayed while standing. He counted to 9 and then started over contrary to the instructions. During the walk and turn, he could not maintain his balance and failed to touch heel to toe on any step. He stepped off the line to regain his balance and took the wrong number of steps. The Defendant was arrested and taken to the jail where he blew a .081 and .082. He admitted to being at a party and drinking 4 Coronas. The Firm filed numerous motions, one of which was to throw out all of the evidence due to the officer not having probable cause to arrest for DUI. A review of the videos contradicted the Officers sworn reports. On the day of the pre-trial conference, the State of Florida dismissed the DUI charge.