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50-2021-CT-005***-AXXX-NB – DUI Charge Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 50-2021-CT-005***-AXXX-NB – DUI Charge Dropped


The Results

On April 7, 2021, our client was stopped for speeding (85/55 mph) by local police. Police noticed bloodshot/glassy eyes, and a flushed complexion about the driver as well as an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. When asked for documentation for the car, san empty envelope was handed to the officer. When asked about the odor, the driver said the odor was "years old". After exiting the car, the driver lost his balance as he walked to the back of the car. When asked, our client advised that he hadn't drank "that much".  Roadside exercises were requested and completed. After their completion, the driver was arrested and offered a breath test. The results were .196 and .185.  Ticket Clinic lawyers worked on this case for close to 8 months. After months of negotiating with the State, they agreed to drop the DUI charge.