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56-2021-CT-*5* – DUI Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 56-2021-CT-*5* – DUI Dropped


The Results

According to the police officer, our client almost hit the officer during another traffic stop on a residential street. He was pulled over and after signs of impairment were noticed, he was asked to perform roadside exercises. During the stop, the driver called a friend to the scene for assistance. The friend arrived, but was turned away, as the DUI investigation had started and was being conducted at a gas station.  Ticket Clinic lawyers took over the case and obtained the roadside video which seemed to show little to no signs of impairment. Combined with a lack of evidence and an argument that our client's rights were violated, as the officer prevented the friend from videotaping the investigation, we were able to convince the State Attorney to drop the DUI charge.