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Careless Driving with Fatality Lawyer | 2020TXXXX9

The Facts

Case #: Careless Driving with Fatality Lawyer | 2020TXXXX9


The Results

Our client was observed by witness drifting across his lane striking a semi tractor trailer causing the semi to careen into a tree line.  The client then crashed into two more cars traveling behind the semi.  The crash scene was chaotic, there were many injuries, and the driver of the semi died from his injuries sustained in the crash.  The client was was given a violation and faced a mandatory 6 months license suspension and $1000 fine and loss of his commercial driving career if found guilty.  Counsel for the client arrived at trial to face 8 troopers and two civilians present to testify against our client.  After two hours of testimony and evidence, counsel for The Ticket Clinic convinced the judge to dismiss the case because of reasonable doubt.