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Case # 20-CT-**25 – Florida DUI Lawyers

The Facts

Case #: Case # 20-CT-**25 – Florida DUI Lawyers


The Results

Our client, an older gentleman was involved in a traffic crash (not his fault). After arriving on scene, police officers made contact with our client and noticed signs of impairment.  A DUI investigation was initiated, and the officers decided to arrest our client for DUI upon the completion of their investigation.  A breath test was requested, which was agreed to.  The breath test results were .09, above the legal limit in Florida, but not by much. Ticket Clinic lawyers were hired, and we began preparing our defense. Discovery was demanded and all evidence was reviewed and scrutinized.  After the review, Ticket Clinic lawyers began negotiations with the State Attorney's office.  The case was resolved and the State agreed to drop the DUI charge and enter no driver license suspension.