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Case 2019CT####### DUI | Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

The Facts

Case #: Case 2019CT####### DUI | Palm Beach DUI Lawyer


The Results

The Client’s car was witnessed by law enforcement jumping a curb and then hitting a street sign.  The Client then immediately left the crash scene in his vehicle.  The police quickly stopped his vehicle.  Once the crash investigation began the Officer noticed that the Client had indicators of impairment.  Those indicators of impairment led the Officer to conduct a DUI investigation.  Two sobriety exercises were conducted and the Officer stopped the exercises and arrested the Client.  The Client then refused to submit to a breath sample.  The Firm was hired to handle the case       and, because of the nature of the case, the State wasn’t agreeing to dismiss the DUI based on the accident involved.  The Firm had numerous conversations with the State that highlighted the fact that absent the hitting of the street sign there wasn’t enough information to show the Client was impaired.  This fact, coupled with the facts that the Client refused to give a breath sample, and the Client had no prior history, convinced the State attorney to dismiss the DUI charge.