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 Case 2020ct####### – DUI Palm Beach County

The Facts

Case #:  Case 2020ct####### – DUI Palm Beach County


The Results

The client was charged DUI after being involved in an accident and a subsequent DUI investigation.  Once arrested the client was asked to submit to a breath sample, which she complied with and blew slightly under the legal limit.  As a result the client was asked to submit to a urine sample, which showed the presence of several drugs. The Firm was hired and immediately went to work on trying to get the state to dismiss the DUI because the State didn’t have enough evidence.  The Firm argued that most of the drugs in her system could be traced back to cough syrup and indigestion medicine. The only controlled intoxicants were prescription Tylenol and marijuana, which takes up to 30 days to leave the system.  The Firm argued that these drugs weren’t enough to establish that the Client was impaired and given that she was under a .08 that a jury may decide not to convict her of the a DUI. After months of pushing the State to do the right thing they finally agreed to dismiss the DUI.