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Case 210XXXXXXA – Driving While License Suspended Acquittal

The Facts

Case #: Case 210XXXXXXA – Driving While License Suspended Acquittal


The Results

Our client was found at fault in a high speed rear-end collision with a vehicle that was parked at a red light. He admitted to looking at his phone immediately prior to the crash and was driving while his license was suspended. He was issued non-criminal traffic citations for failure to use due care and failure to provide proof of insurance. He was also issued a criminal traffic citation for Driving While License Suspended. Our client was facing a maximum of 60 days in the Broward County Jail. The Ticket Clinic attorney for Broward County set the case for trial to make the State prove the allegations against our client. During the trial, our attorney was able to keep out key pieces of evidence which completely prevented the State from being able to prove that the crash occurred in Broward County and that our client knew his license was suspended. As a result of our attorney's efforts, the Judge granted a directed verdict of Not Guilty on the two non-criminal traffic infractions and granted a Judgement of Acquittal on the criminal charge of Driving While License Suspended.