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CT 2####4

The Facts

Case #: CT 2####4


The Results

A vehicle registered to our client was travelling on SR 729 in Lee County around 8:54 pm, when it veered into the left lane of traffic and collided with a vehicle travelling in the same direction.  The impacted vehicle dialed 9-1-1 and reported the tag to the authorities.  The vehicle registered to our client continued to drive without stopping.  Later that evening, the authorities arrived at their residence to question them about the incident.  Our client's interactions with the officer were never documented in the form of a police report or a sworn affidavit.
The case presented serious identification issues.  The State Attorney initially refused to dismiss the case and provided us with a better, modified offer with the hopes that our client would accept.  However, we later set the case for trial and the State NP'd the case.