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The Results

The Defendant was first seen traveling in the inside lane. The officer alleged that he paced the Defendant traveling 20-25 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer also alleged the Defendant’s vehicle was weaving within his lane and on several occasions, straddled the center white line. The Officer made a stop for suspicion of DUI. The officer, upon making contact with the Defendant, noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He also noticed that the Defendant’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The officer requested the Defendant perform several field sobriety exercises to which he complied. On the walk and turn test, the Defendant exhibited 4 of the 8 possible indicators of impairment. The Defendant failed to maintain his balance, did not touch heel to toe, stepped off the line and used his arms for balance. On the one leg stand test, the Defendant exhibited 2 of the 4 possible indicators of impairment. The Defendant swayed while balancing and used his arms for balance. The Defendant was placed under arrest for DUI. After being read his Miranda rights, the Defendant admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages and feeling the effects of those drinks. The Defendant then provided a breath sample of .140 and .136. Result: The firm filed a motion to suppress evidence in the case and the DUI charge was dropped by the State before the motion could be heard by the Judge.

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"I just wanted to say thank you! Your firm not only got all my daughters charges dismissed, but there were no court costs or even driving school! She had definitely gotten herself into some trouble and I cannot believe the outcome was this good!! Thank you again! I will recommend you to anyone that asks. I don't know if there are any website for reviews on law firms, but if there is let me know so I can say how excellent your firm is." Yelp User -     "As a young college student, being charged with a DUI was one of the scariest things I have had to deal with. The Ticket Clinic was able to get my case together quickly and get me the best deal I could have asked for. The DUI charges were dropped. The Ticket Clinic was able to put me at ease during one of the hardest times of my life." Sinead -     "The Ticket Clinic was professional and in constant contact with me from the first phone called, until the case was closed. To make a long story short, I was not convicted of a DUI - since then, I referred a friend to the Ticket Clinic." Richard -     "I was faced with a DUI. Most people fear jail, but I heard that it would ruin my record for life. This can cost you a job, credit, relationships. The more we are an online world the more your record is available to the public - a DUI stays forever. The Ticket Clinic didn’t settle, but successfully defended my DUI case. They are the only ones I would trust confidently with a serious matter." Dave -     "I was face with an unjust DUI and called The Ticket Clinic to represent me. I was never faced with such a serious situation before. TTC’s professionalism, confidence and knowledge put me at ease, knowing I was in good hands. As I went through this ordeal, TTC was on top of everything and brought this to closure quite quickly. TTC has also helped me find a lawyer in another state for a friend in a similar situation. I highly recommend The Ticket Clinic!" Scott -     "I was facing a DUI charge but TTC got my charges dismissed, even though I submitted to a breath test! I would recommend them to anyone facing a DUI. Thank you again for everything." Kiersen -     "I was pleased to receive your letter of February 21, 2017 advising me that all charges against me were dismissed by the Court. I am very pleased how the Ticket Clinic handled my case. I definitely will recommend the Ticket Clinic to friends and neighbors should they be issued a traffic ticket. Many thanks again for solving my problem." Wolfgang H. -     "In a world where people always seem to want to register complaints, I thought I would take a moment and register my extreme satisfaction with your company and especially for Miss T! She is extremely helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable and she is a pleasure to do business with!" Jeff M. -     "Great Job!!!!! Keep up the great work.We are extremely impressed with your performance. :)" Lionel O. -