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DUI 19-ctxxxxx98

The Facts

Case #: DUI 19-ctxxxxx98


The Results

On 11/03/2019, at approximately 2228 hours,Hillsborough County Deputy responded to assist another Deputy  with a suspicious vehicle call for service. The vehicle had been parking in the back of the town house community and leaving liquor bottles and cigarette wrappers everyday for approximately a month. When Deputy made contact with the defendant, who was in the driver's seat, he smelled the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle and observed indicators of impairment coming from the defendant. When the Deputy made contact with the defendant, he also observed indicators of impairment. The defendant elected to perform the standardized field sobriety exercises, and doing so, more indicators of impairment were observed. Post-Miranda, the defendant admitted to smoking marijuana while in physical control of the vehicle. At Central Breath Testing, at Orient Road Jail, the defendant elected to providing a lawful urine sample. The samples tested positive for THC.

Result: A motion to suppress based on illegal stop was drafted by the firm and sent to the prosecutor. Based on the motion, the State agreed to drop the DUI charge.