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DUI Case #2019-CT-019**9

The Facts

Case #: DUI Case #2019-CT-019**9


The Results

Police officers observed our client allegedly failing to maintain his lane of travel while operating his car and almost struck another car. Due to safety concerns a traffic stop was initiated. After the stop, signs of impairment were noticed including the odor of an alcoholic beverage and bloodshot/glassy eyes. Upon exiting the car, the driver swayed as he stood in front of the police officer. Roadside exercises were requested and our client agreed to perform. After the roadsides were complete, he was arrested for DUI.  A breath test was requested and agreed to. The results were .203 and .194. Ticket Clinic lawyers were retained to prepare a defense. Our lawyers tirelessly prepped this case and continued thorough negotiations with the prosecutor. After close to 1.5 years, the State agreed to drop the DUI.