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DUI Case Dismissed – 20-ct-6xxx

The Facts

Case #: DUI Case Dismissed – 20-ct-6xxx


The Results

On July 27, 2020 at approximately 9:18pm the Defendant was traveling north on US-41 when she began drifting out of her lane. The vehicle then made a wide right turn and traveled into the opposing lane. The Defendant kept driving down the wrongs side of the roadway until finally correcting into the correct side of the road. The Defendant then crossed over the center fog line at least 4 different times and contacted the right shoulder 2 different times. During one of the times contacting the right shoulder, the Defendant almost struck a mailbox. At this point, the Trooper initiated a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the Defendant, the Trooper noticed her to be extremely upset. The Trooper claimed to observe an odor of alcohol, slurred speech and her eyes were red. The Defendant then performed field sobriety exercises and was arrested for DUI. The Defendant provided breath samples of .113 and .123.

Results: The firm filed a motion to suppress and the day before the Motion was scheduled to be heard, the State dismissed the DUI charge.