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DUI Case Dropped – Case 31XXXXXXXX

The Facts

Case #: DUI Case Dropped – Case 31XXXXXXXX


The Results

Client was pulled over for driving without rear or front lights at 3am. Client was followed for 2 miles and was all over the road. Client was off dash camera roadside, but could be heard asking for a Creole Interpreter and arguing with Deputies. Deputies told him he spoke perfect English. Client said he would do whatever they wanted, but was then heard saying "What are you doing to my eyes?" Client was promptly arrested and was not given the opportunity to do FSE's because the Deputies had had enough. Video at the jail shows client asking for someone who speaks Creole a couple times, and when they read him Implied Consent he shrugged his shoulders which they took as a refusal. Case prepared for trial. Friday before trial, prosecutor offered lessor Reckless Driving which client refused. Monday before jury selection, prosecutor filed Nolle Prosequi dropping case.