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The Facts

Case #: Ct-00696x-xxx NO CONVICTION AS CHARGED.


The Results

On 2/23/14, at approximately 1:24am, a Tampa police officer saw a silver BMW on 7th Ave in Ybor. The BMW was in the center lane and was drifting within the lane. The BMW also touched the lane line to the left several times. The officer conducted a traffic stop based on suspicion of DUI. The BMW went the wrong way through a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign as the he attempted to pull into a McDonald’s parking lot, and parked sideways across multiple parking spaces. Upon making contact with the driver, the officer noted a distinct odor of alcohol stemming from his breath. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The officer requested the driver to perform field sobriety exercises, which he agreed. After exhibiting multiple clues of impairment, the driver was arrested for DUI. The driver refused to provide a breath sample. Result: The firm filed a motion to suppress based on an illegal stop and detention. On the date the motion was to be heard, the state dropped the DUI charge.