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DUI Charged Dropped – Case 50-2020-CT-****89-SB

The Facts

Case #: DUI Charged Dropped – Case 50-2020-CT-****89-SB


The Results

Our client was sleeping in his car on the train tracks.  Police were called to conduct a welfare check, and our client was found to be the sole occupant in the car. Once awake, our client told the officer that he was just sleeping and not in need of medical attention. The driver had difficulty producing his documentation and after exiting the car, was unsteady on his feet. He smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot. Roadside exercises were requested and performed, not to the satisfaction of the police officer. After they were completed, the driver was arrested for DUI. A breath test was requested and our client refused to submit. After being retained, Ticket Clinic lawyers began working on the case and communicating with the State Attorney's office. After more than seven months on the case, the case was resolved and the State dropped the DUI charge.