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DUI Charges Dropped – 20ctxxxxx

The Facts

Case #: DUI Charges Dropped – 20ctxxxxx


The Results

On Sept. 26, 2020 at approximately 12:06am, a Tampa Police Officer was at the intersection of E. 5th Ave and N. 16th St in Ybor City. The officer observed a gray Jetta driving with no lights on. The officer stopped the vehicle and made contact with the Defendant. The Defendant rolled the back driver side window down at first. When asked if he knew why he was being stopped, the Defendant stated he did not know the city too well. The officer observed an odor of alcohol on the Defendant's breath. His eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and he admitted to a shot of tequila. Field sobriety exercises were conducted and impairment was observed. The Defendant was then arrested for DUI. The Defendant submitted to a breath test with results of .079 and .077.

Results: The firm set for the case for trial and prior to the trial date the State dropped the DUI charge.