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DUI Charges Dropped – Case# 2021-CT-****64-MB

The Facts

Case #: DUI Charges Dropped – Case# 2021-CT-****64-MB


The Results

Our client was asleep in her car blocking traffic. After being woken up, the driver began to drive away, hitting the Fire Rescue Unit that was parked nearby. The police officer noticed bloodshot eyes, the odor of alcohol, and the driver had a hard time understanding instructions. She was also unsteady on her feet. Field Sobriety exercises were offered and the driver agreed to perform. The driver admitted to drinking but did not remember how many. After the completion of the exercises the police officer decided to arrest the driver for DUI. At the testing center a breath test was administered, with results of .169.  Ticket Clinic lawyers began representation on the case. The State Attorney agreed to drop the DUI charge, notwithstanding the enhanced breath result and the crash.  The reduced charge was accepted, and the client was happy to have avoided the DUI conviction.