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DUI Charges Dropped – Case# 2021-CT-****85-MB

The Facts

Case #: DUI Charges Dropped – Case# 2021-CT-****85-MB


The Results

Our client was seen driving his car without headlights activated. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway and had to be instructed to pull to the side of the road. The driver's eyes appears to be red and glossy , complexion appeared flushed and his speech appeared slurred. There was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the Driver.  Roadside exercises were requested and agreed to.  The police officer felt as if they were performed unsatisfactorily. The Defendant seemed slow and lethargic. After the tasks were finished, an arrest was made and a breath test was requested. The Driver consented, and blew .193 and .176. Ticket Clinic lawyers took over the case and went to work Defending the driver.  After negotiating with the prosecutor, the DUI charge was ultimately dropped.