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DUI & Criminal Win | Case 2020CT000XX3 | Resisting Officer Without Violence

The Facts

Case #: DUI & Criminal Win | Case 2020CT000XX3 | Resisting Officer Without Violence


The Results

911 was called for a disabled vehicle at a traffic light.  It was 7 pm and dark outside.  The Driver was seen sleeping at the wheel and would not wake up despite yelling and knocking on his window by the 911 caller.  The vehicle remained at the light through at least 3 light cycles.  A PSLPD Officer spotted the car in question and as soon as he got behind it, it veered quickly and abnormally off the road into an adjacent parking lot where it parked across 3 parking spaces, parking crooked.  The driver fumbled for documents and could not find registration or insurance.  The Officer smelled a heavy odor of alcohol emanating from the driver's mouth as he spoke with slurred speech.  An open beer was observed in the center console and the driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle.  As the driver exited the car, he stumbled and needed to use the car for balance.  Driver refused roadside FSEs and the breath test.  On the way to the jail the driver said, "I f**ked up," and urinated in the back of the police car.  He was charged with Resisting Officer without Violence for purportedly putting his hands from the back of his body to the front of his body while handcuffed and seatbelted in the back of the patrol car.  Jury found him Not Guilty of both charges.