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DUI Jury Trial – Case #20-CT-***82*

The Facts

Case #: DUI Jury Trial – Case #20-CT-***82*


The Results

Our client was stopped for driving too slow (20 mph), swerving, going into the bike lane, driving on the edge of a sidewalk and then swerving again and into oncoming traffic.   After the stop, the officer noticed signs of impairment, bloodshot/watery eyes, slurred speech, and an "overwhelming" odor of alcohol coming from the driver. Roadside exercises were performed poorly according to the police officer. After the arrest a breath test was requested and refused. After Miranda warnings, our client stated "not eating did not help me sober up." Ticket Clinic was hired for the case.  We began crafting a defense and announced "ready for trial." A jury was sworn and our client was found NOT GUILTY.