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DUI Attorney Win | Case 2020CT-000XXX

The Facts

Case #: DUI Attorney Win | Case 2020CT-000XXX


The Results

Our client was charged with her Third DUI and Prior refusal to submit to a breath test.     Our client ran a stop sign and nearly caused a crash involving a Sheriff Deputy.  At the DHSMV hearing, her license suspension was overturned based upon the Attorney's argument of no odor of alcohol existing at the time of the traffic stop.  At the first motion to suppress, the same argument was made, however the Judge viewed the body camera video recording and noticed more indicators of impairment than the officers testified to and denied the motion to suppress.   A second motion to suppress was filed based upon the excessive length of detention, prior to conducting a DUI investigation.  In this case, our client had to wait for 40 minutes prior to be subjected to a DUI investigation.   The Judge sided with the defense and said that 40 minutes is too long to wait.  The Judge granted the motion to suppress.  The prosecutor dismissed the case.