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Impeding Traffic with Fatality | 20010XXXAXMX

The Facts

Case #: Impeding Traffic with Fatality | 20010XXXAXMX


The Results

Our client, a licenses commercial driver, was driving a truck with a car tow trailer.  A semi tractor trailer crashed into the back of him and the driver of the semi died as a result of his injuries.  A traffic homicide investigation was conducted by Florida Highway Patrol.  The troopers came to the conclusion that our client was traveling 30 mph on the highway, and cited him with a Too Slow/Impeding Traffic violation causing a fatality.  The client was facing a 6 months drivers license suspension, $1000 fine, and loss of his commercial driving career.  Counsel for the client arrived at trial to face 8 troopers present to testify against our client.  After two hours of testimony and evidence, counsel for The Ticket Clinic convinced the judge to dismiss the case because of reasonable doubt.