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The Facts

Case #: MA 2015CF0########


The Results

The Client was first charged with a battery on a law enforcement officer after she had been drinking at a local bar and was asked to leave. When the Client did not leave she was forcibly removed by law enforcement. During her removal she struck one of the officers in the groin area with her knee. The Client was then released on bond and went home. A short period of time later the Client was again arrested for being impaired and striking another police officer that she came into contact with when she was impaired. The Firm took the cases to the Felony State Attorney and pointed out that the Client obviously had an alcohol problem and that treatment was in fact the best option for her.  The Firm then got the State to agree that if the Client would complete treatment for her alcohol issue then they would agree to dismiss both felony cases. The Client completed the treatment and all felony charges were dismissed.