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Reckless Driving | Case # 16-2021-CT-000XXX

The Facts

Case #: Reckless Driving | Case # 16-2021-CT-000XXX


The Results

At 2am, our client drove to a vacant parking lot and decided to have some fun with his rental car, showing off to his friend.  It did not end well, our client lost control of his rental car and launched it over a curb and drove it into a retention pond.  Police arrived to see a submerged car and two wet people standing next to the vehicle.  Officers interviewed our client and his friend.  Our client was charged with Reckless driving.  Our attorney filed motions to suppress the statements of the driver based upon the accident report privilege.  He also argued that no one could place our client behind the wheel of the car.  The case was set for trial.  However the prosecutor was convinced by the arguments of our attorney and dismissed the charges.