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Resisting Officer Without Violence – Case 56XXXXXXXX

The Facts

Case #: Resisting Officer Without Violence – Case 56XXXXXXXX


The Results

Client was in a heated argument outside of the Golden Corral with his cousin. The police were called and as they were approaching, they saw the client take his cousin to the ground and both men continued to fight. Port St. Lucie Police officers gave commands to stop fighting and ordered client to release his hold on his cousin or he would be tasered. Client refused to let go or stop fighting and he was subsequently drive stunned/ tasered in his back by one of the police officers. The electric current caused client to release his cousin and stop fighting. Client was arrested for Resisting Officer Without Violence. A knife was found at the scene. Case prepared and set for trial. Prosecutor filed Nolle Prosequi on 6/4/2021, the Friday before jury selection.