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The Facts

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The Results

Our client was traveling on the Florida Turnpike. Our client was driving 60 mph on the left lane. The speed limit in this area of the Florida Turnpike varies from 65 mph to 70 mph. The State Trooper observed our client driving and observed several cars catch up to our client and pass our client on the right lane. The State Trooper then turned on his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. The State Trooper then asked our client for her license, registration, and insurance. Our client provided the registration and insurance to the vehicle but could not provide a driver's license because our client has never been issued one. The State Trooper then observed that our client is not wearing a seat belt. The State Trooper issues two traffic tickets for impeding traffic and no seat belt. The State Trooper also issues a criminal infraction for no valid driver's license. Within a few days of getting the citations our client contacted our office to begin working on her case. We reviewed the State Trooper's reports and the citations issued. Our office quickly noticed that the State Trooper had failed to note how he calculated our client's speed. The State Trooper had also forgotten to calculate the speed of those cars that were passing our client on the right. Lastly, we noticed that the State Trooper had only observed the alleged impeding traffic infraction and had no other reason to initiate a traffic stop. Using the State Trooper's own statements we crafted a defense. We argued that the State Trooper never had sufficient probable cause to stop our client and that all the other citations and infractions were observed after this improper stop. Finally, we argued that since the State Trooper lacked the authority to stop our client not only should the impeding traffic citation be dismissed but all of the citations and infractions should be dismissed. Soon after our argument the State dropped all charges.