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Unlawful Breath Alcohol Suspension DHSMV | 308XXXXX

The Facts

Case #: Unlawful Breath Alcohol Suspension DHSMV | 308XXXXX


The Results

On Aug. 31, 2020, Florida Highway Patrol trooper stopped the petitioner for traveling 90 mph, tailgating and driving off the roadway.Upon making contact with the petitioner, he had a blank look on his face. The petitioner appeared confused  and admitted to drinking. The petitioner agreed to perform field sobriety exercises which indicated impairment. The Petitioner was then arrested for DUI. The petitioner provided a breath sample of .249 and .245.

Results: The firm filed for a formal review hearing of the administrative suspension for driving with an unlawful breath alcohol level. At the hearing, the suspension was invalidated and the Petitioner was allowed to obtain his license without any restrictions.