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XX-0000XXXUX – DUI Dropped

The Facts

Case #: XX-0000XXXUX – DUI Dropped


The Results

Our client was pulled over for speeding and failing to maintain a single lane. When the officers approached the vehicle, they observed an open beer bottle in the cup holder and claimed that our client had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and an odor of alcohol coming from his breath. After ordering him out of the vehicle, they subjected him to field sobriety exercises and ultimately arrested him for Driving Under the Influence. Our client cooperated with law enforcement and provided two valid breath samples that were both below the legal limit. Not satisfied with this, the officers ordered him to provide a urine sample to test for the presence of controlled substances and held him in the jail overnight. The Ticket Clinic attorney was able to attack this case before it was filed, and the State Attorney's Office was forced to drop all charges, including the civil traffic infractions for open container, speeding, and failure to maintain a single lane.