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XXXXCF000X50 – Burglary & Felony Battery

The Facts

Case #: XXXXCF000X50 – Burglary & Felony Battery


The Results

Our client was arrested for Burglary, Felony Battery, and a violation of Pre-Trial Release. For these charges, our client was facing life in prison if the State could prove the case. Because of the seriousness of the charges, the client would have been incarcerated until the date of his trial. After several months of negotiating with the State to no avail, the firm's attorney had insight to file a motion to dismiss and set the case for trial seemed to move the needle. However, for a couple months the State would not budge in wanting to send the client to prison for a substantial amount of time. After realizing the State's position, we elected to Demand a Speedy Trial. This strategic decision leveraged the State in making them prove the case within 45 days of the Demand. They could not do so, and the State dropped the case on January 13, 2022 allowing our client to avoid a life sentence.