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XXXXXMU10A – DUI & Criminal Charges Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: XXXXXMU10A – DUI & Criminal Charges Dismissed


The Results

Our client was involved in a traffic crash on February 12, 2021. When officers arrived, they noted that they observed our client to have slurred speech, an odor of alcohol on her breath, and that she was incoherent. When questioned by officers, our client admitted to consuming a bottle of pink moscato approximately 30 minutes before the accident. During the DUI investigation, officers alleged that our client displayed horizontal gaze nystagmus in both eyes, was unable to keep her balance, swayed while standing, and was unable to follow instructions. After completing the investigation, she was placed under arrest and agreed to provide a sample of her breath to determine the alcohol content of her breath. After the results of this test showed that our client did not have any alcohol in her system, officers requested that she provide a urine sample to test for the presence of controlled substances. The urine test revealed the presence of several controlled substances and our client was charged with DUI causing property damage. The Public Defender assigned to her case filed several motions to suppress, but never attempted to have the result of the urine screening suppressed. After observing, the Ticket Clinic attorney litigate another case while she was waiting for her public defender to address her case, she decided to hire our firm to represent her. Within 2 weeks of hiring our office, the Ticket Clinic attorney was able to convince the state to drop all criminal charges against her because the officers did not have probable cause to request a urine sample, and without the urine sample, the State of Florida had no evidence showing that our client was impaired at the time of the crash.