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XXXXXXMU10X – DUI With Property Damage Dismissed

The Facts

Case #: XXXXXXMU10X – DUI With Property Damage Dismissed


The Results

Our client was hit by a driver who was making an illegal left turn; and as a result of the crash, the State obtained a blood sample showing that our client had a blood alcohol level nearly 3 times the legal limit. The State filed its Information nearly 18 months later, charging our client with DUI with Property Damage and DUI over .15. Our client was facing a 1 year revocation of his license and up to 364 days in jail. The Ticket Clinic attorney sent the State Attorney's Office a sworn motion to dismiss, arguing that the 18 month delay violated the statute of limitations on the DUI enhanced charge and that because our client was not at fault in the accident, the State could not prove the DUI with property damage charge. After reviewing our motion to dismiss, the State Attorney's Office conceded the motion and dismissed all charges against our client.