DUI & Criminal Division

The defendant was seen by two Florida Highway Patrol Officers traveling at 99 mph in a 65 mph posted speed zone on the Florida Turnpike and made several erratic lane changes and was tailgating other vehicles and causing them to take evasive action. The troopers conducted a traffic stop on the shoulder of the turnpike. The defendant was asked to exit his vehicle and was so unsteady that he almost fell into a lane of travel on the turnpike. The defendant had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath; had red blood shot eyes; had difficulty handling and identifying his vehicle documentation and was very unsteady. The defendant was asked to perform roadside sobriety exercises and performed poorly as an impaired or intoxicated person would. The defendant submitted to a breath test and registered a .094/.095 on the intoxylizer. The State dropped all DUI charges.