DUI & Criminal Division

The defendant was at a party and had consumed several drinks. The defendant then left the party and was involved in a severe single car crash that resulted in multiple skull fractures and permanent hearing loss to a passenger in his vehicle. The victim was read her last rites and the victim was placed in a medically induced coma. The defendant was observed on the night of the incident to have the odor of an alcoholic beverage about his breath, slurred speech, and bloodshot watery eyes and he swayed while standing. The defendant consented to a blood draw that resulted in a reading of .112/.09, over the legal limit. The defendant also admitted to consuming 5 drinks prior to entering the vehicle. The defendant was facing a mandatory minimum of 24 months years in Florida State Prison according to his criminal punishment code scoresheet. The Firm was able to negotiate a youthful offender sanction based on the defendant’s age. The defendant was awarded a non-conviction and only four years probation that included no jail or prison sentence.