The Defendant was seen by Plantation Police Officers to be involved in a road rage incident. He was driving at a high speed next to another car and intentionally steering it toward the other person’s vehicle and repeatedly cutting it off. The Defendant was stopped by the officer’s and asked to exit the vehicle after the officer saw the defendant was repeatedly reaching behind his seat in attempt to grab something. The Defendant stated to the officer “that he knew his rights” and refused to get out of the car. The officer forcefully took him out of the car and handcuffed the Defendant. The Defendant braced and tensed his arms in order to prevent himself from being removed from the vehicle. The officers then searched the car and found a black butterfly knife and a plastic bag with marijuana residue in it. The Firm took several depositions in regard to this matter and was able to demonstrate the many conflicts between the officers’ versions of the events. Furthermore, the firm presented the State with case law from the U.S. Supreme Court that shows that the search to find the knife and plastic bag may have been unconstitutional. The state dropped all charges.