The Defendant was charged with 4 separate counts of DUI causing Property Damage. The Defendant was involved in a multi-vehicle accident located at State Road 84 and Davie Road in Davie, Florida. Officers arrived on scene and noticed the Defendant to have the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, bloodshot glassy eyes and admitted to consuming alcohol at Bokamper’s Bar and Grille in Plantation after stating to another officer that he had nothing to drink and that he was coming from K-Mart. The Defendant was asked to participate in Roadside Sobriety Exercises, but refused to do so citing numerous injuries and surgeries to his back and to his knees. The Defendant was arrested for DUI and refused to submit to a breath test. The firm filed a Motion to Suppress the Unlawful Detention of the Defendant for roadside exercises based upon the fact that the DUI investigator compelled the Defendant to participate in a roadside investigation for DUI after noticing only that the Defendant’s eyes were red. The State received the motion and dropped all DUI charges.