This is a second offense for DUI. The Defendant was seen by a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy drifting in and out of his lane on no less than 5 occasions and then straddling the lane markers with his vehicle. The Deputy then saw the Defendant swerve into the right lane almost crashing into a silver Lexus. The Deputy conducted a traffic stop and noticed the defendant had the odor of an alcoholic beverage; bloodshot glassy eyes and was belligerent. A DUI investigator arrived on scene and made the same observations as the stopping deputy and even noticed the Defendant’s speech was slurred and mumbled. The DUI investigator administered roadside exercises and the Defendant was unable to do them. The exercises were video recorded and the Defendant looked impaired by alcohol. The Defendant was arrested for DUI and refused the breath test. The Firm filed a Motion to suppress the roadside sobriety exercises based upon the fact the DUI investigator coerced the Defendant to do them even though they are voluntary under Florida Law. The Motion was granted by the judge; the videotape and all testimony concerning the exercises was excluded. The State Dropped all charges.