DUI & Criminal Division

The defendant was arrested for three counts of Lewd or Lascivious Conduct on a child. He was facing a maximum punishment of 45 years in prison. The prosecution made an offer of 12 years prison to resolve the case. After hiring us, our legal team began combing through the State’s evidence. It was found that the named victim, a fifteen year old girl, told her mother that she and our client had been having sex for five months. The named victim did not tell her mother this until four months after the alleged last sexual encounter. It took the mother another two months before she called the police to report the alleged conduct. Once assigned to the case, the detective merely took statements from the named victim and her mother before making the decision to arrest the defendant. The detective did not attempt to get any evidence that would corroborate the named victim’s allegations. The detective never attempted to speak to witnesses, he never attempted to find blood, saliva, semen, hair or any other DNA or fingerprints from the numerous locations the named victim stated she had sex with the defendant. Furthermore, the detective never bothered to find out what the results of the named victim’s medical testing were or what evidence, if any, was located on a computer the named victim stated she communicated with the defendant. Our legal team took the case to trial. In the midst of trial, the prosecutor made an offer to drop two counts and to a 3 year prison sentence. The defendant client accepted the offer, which was 75% lower than the original one.