DUI & Criminal Division

A Trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol saw the Defendant slumped over toward the passenger seat in his vehicle while at a green light. The Trooper pulled behind the Defendant’s vehicle with his emergency lights on. The Defendant’s vehicle then began to travel forward and pulled over on a side street. The officer noticed the Defendant to have the odor of an alcoholic beverage, bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred speech. The Defendant also admitted to “having a few beers at my girlfriends’ place”. The defendant was asked to perform roadside sobriety exercises. He stepped off of the line and had large gaps between his feet on most steps and failed to turn properly. The Defendant was extremely unsteady and could not keep his foot off the ground during the one leg stand test. The defendant also could not even say the alphabet. Thereafter the Defendant was arrested for DUI and registered a .171/.165 g/210L on the breath test, over two times the legal limit in Florida. The Firm Filed a Motion to Exclude the Breath Test based upon a FDLE agent falsifying and manipulating calibration of the Defendant’s breathylizer. The Motion was granted by the Judge and all DUI charges were dismissed.