On September 1st, 2014, Florida Highway Troopers were radio dispatched to the scene of a crash on I-275. When they arrived on the scene, they met with the victims in the crash. The victims advised that they were driving northbound on 275 in the center outside lane when the vehicle was rear-ended by a Honda Accord. The victim indicated the driver was the Defendant who was also on scene. The Defendant could not provide a driver’s license. Upon making contact with the Defendant, the Trooper noticed that he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. The Defendant also had bloodshot, watery eyes, displayed slow lethargic movements, and had confused speech. When the Defendant was out of his vehicle he had to lean against the car or barrier wall for support. The Defendant also began arguing with the victims. The trooper then advised the Defendant that a criminal investigation had begun. The Trooper then requested the Defendant to perform standardized field sobriety exercises and he agreed. The Defendant said he did not have any physical problems that would affect his participation in the evaluation. The Defendant exhibited multiple clues of impairment on the HGN, Walk and Turn and One leg stand exercises. The Defendant was then placed under arrest for DUI. The Trooper then requested a breath sample. The Defendant refused to answer yes or no. The Defendant was then read Florida’s Implied Consent law. The Defendant said he wanted to talk to a lawyer first and refused to provide a sample. As the Trooper transported the Defendant to the Orient Road jail, the Defendant was mumbling and talking to himself.Result: The firm filed a motion to suppress and before the motion was heard by the Judge, the State dropped the DUI charge.