DUI & Criminal Division

The police were called by the alleged victim in the case, who happened to be the Defendant’s wife. The Defendant’s wife indicated that he had punched her in the face after an argument over their pending divorce. When the police arrived, the alleged victim appeared to have a black eye and swollen lip. The alleged victim told the police that the Defendant had destroyed the house phone and taken her cellular phone, which is why she had to run to the neighbor’s house to call 911. The police made contact with the Defendant, at which time they learned that he had also called the police regarding the incident. The Defendant admitted they had been fighting, but said that it never became physical. He indicated that the victim threatened to have him arrested if he did not give her money immediately. At that point, the alleged victim began hitting herself in the face to make it appear as though the Defendant had battered her. The police arrested the Defendant. The attorney for the firm investigated the case thoroughly and prepared for trial. On the day of trial, the State dismissed all charges against the Defendant.