DUI & Criminal Division

The defendant was clocked driving 88 in a 65 on I-95 and then abruptly cutting across 4 lanes of traffic to get off at Woolbrite road. The officer got behind defendant before the exit ramp at Woolbrite and activated his emergency lights and sirens for about 1.5 miles and defendant did not stop his car. The officer shined his spotlight on the vehicle at the Woolbrite exit and then continued following the vehicle until the defendant pulled up to the security gate at his neighborhood. At the gate, the officer again shined the spotlight into the car with sirens and lights activated, noticed the defendant look in the rear view mirror and drive through the security gate. The officer had to quickly accelerate in order to get through the security gate. The officer followed the defendant and stopped him at his house. The officer noticed an odor of alcohol coming from his breath, red bloodshot glassy eyes and slurred speech.The defendant stumbled while getting out of the car and had to hold onto the car for support. The defendant submitted to field sobriety tasks. During the walk and turn, the defendant could not keep his balance, stepped off the line on numerous occasions, started before being instructed to start, made an improper turn and walked more than nine steps as instructed. During the one leg stand, the defendant placed his foot down on three occasions and used his arms to balance when told not to. During the finger to nose, the defendant only touched his finger to the tip of the nose one time out of the five times he was instructed to do so. The defendant told the officer he had a few drinks and was arrested and taken to the breath alcohol testing facility where he blew a .137/.116/.127. Verdict: Not Guilty of DUI.